Minibuses and coaches. Hire in Bedford at a very low cost.
By paying a deposit to Crown minibuses, you confirm that you have read all of our terms and conditions  and that you agree in full to all of those T&Cs as laid out on our website. website. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, should the hire be cancelled by you. We can hold that deposit for up to six months towards a future hire. Remaining balance must be paid in CASH, or by card with prior arrangement with Crown Minibuses, to the driver upon arrival.
Changes to Itinerary
All collection, destination and return addresses must be given before bookings are confirmed. If additions are requested such as a food stop or additional drop off points, these must be given to the driver BEFORE your hire commences, and will be subject to extra charges.
The driver is not under any obligation during, or at the end of the hire to fulfil any extra duties not mentioned in the Hire Agreement.     
Overtime Charges
If a hire runs late due to traffic or no fault of the client, no extra charges will be added, however, if lateness is due to actions of the client, a charge of £60 per hour or part hour will be added. If the vehicle is delayed in getting to its next hire due to actions of the client, and that hire is compromised, the full cost of that hire will be charged. Flight delays will incur a £60.00 per hour waiting charge plus parking fees. We cannot guarantee an indefinite waiting time. If the minibus is booked for another hire it may only be able to wait for a short period before departing. It is then the clients responsibility to make there own travel arrangements at there cost. Flights diverted to other airports will have the pricing re-calculated.                         
Crown Minibus Hire,  will make every effort to adhere to timetables, but will accept no responsibility for delays due to traffic, adverse weather conditions, or acts of God. The minibus will not go out in icy or snowy conditions. In the case of a hire being cancelled due to weather conditions, a full refund will be given. Crown Minibus Hire, can not guarantee a door to door service, due to the length of the vehicle, speed bumps and unmade roads, but will collect and set down as close to the address as is possible. 
The client named on the Hire Agreement is responsible for the conduct of there party, and any breakages or damage caused by there party, or a third party due to actions of the hire party will be charged. There will be a £160 charge to valet the vehicle after sickness or drink spillage. If the vehicle is taken out of service due to any of these reasons, and a hire is compromised, the full cost of that hire will be charged. Broken glasses will be charged at £10.00 each.
Terms Relating to Hen, Stag, Nightclub & Sporting Hires
The client may bring a certain amount of there own alcohol into the vehicle but please ask us beforehand. The party must be back to the vehicle at the designated time and place. Failure to do so will incur overtime charges of £60.00 per hour. The vehicle will not cruise around to pick up stray passengers. Any member of the party returning intoxicated and unruly will be refused entry to the vehicle. If you are wishing to bring food into the vehicle, please check with the driver first! No other passengers will be allowed into the vehicle other than the named party on the Hire Agreement. Unscheduled stops for food will be charged at £10.00.
Dress Code
Persons wearing dirty work clothing, muddy footwear or clothing with studs and chains will not be allowed into the vehicle.
School Proms & Children’s Parties
All forward facing passengers must be secured with a seat belt. Children under the age of 13 must have an accompanying adult in the vehicle.
 Crown Minibus Hire, have a zero-tolerance involving minors consuming alcohol, even with parents consent. No alcohol is to be brought into the vehicle. Any minors arriving at the vehicle in an intoxicated state will be refused entry.
Reasons to Terminate Hire
Smoking in the vehicle, taking or dealing in illegal substances, leaning, throwing objects or shouting out of the windows or sun roof. Abusive behaviour towards the driver or any third party. Fighting in the vehicle. Underage drinking. Refusal to ware seatbelts. Damaging the vehicle in any way. Putting feet on fixtures and fittings. Opening the doors and getting out of the vehicle in traffic.
Lost & Found
No responsibility will be taken for items left in the vehicle. Lost & Found items can be returned in the post, subject to £10 packaging plus postage. No responsibility will be taken for items lost in the post. Items not claimed within six months will be disposed of.
The driver will not take the vehicle anywhere he/she deems it to be a hazard, to others or the safety of the passengers.  Broken glasses will be charged at £10.00 each. No red wine is to be brought into the vehicle. Crown Minibus Hire, will accept no responsibility for injuries sustained through broken glass.  When getting into and out of the minibus care must be taken as not to trip over the transmission tunnel or door threshold. The doors are only to be opened by the driver. Do not attempt to exit the vehicle whilst waiting in traffic. Do not ask the driver to do anything that is not listed in the Hire Agreement. All additions or alterations must be passed through our office first.      
I have read the above Terms & Conditions and in signing this Agreement I (and my party) agree to the Terms & Conditions.  Please make all other members of your party aware of these T & C’s